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High-End Website Design With Harmony

If you would like your business to be competitive in today’s marketplace, it is necessary to have an visually attractive high-end website design. While some website companies take the top principles of good design and information when creating an online presence, the reality is that most business websites are not converting. The reason is, nine times out of ten, they’re created by individuals with little or no design experience. They also have little understanding of the relationship between the quality website design and a company’s bottom line. Normally web users don’t just migrate any website. It is never a “if you build it, they will come” situation. Creating a harmonized, high-quality website takes a professional team of business-savvy designers. At Fermata Creative, we understand the online needs of small businesses and start-ups, and we specialize in making beautiful websites that drive real profit for our clients.

Alluring, profitable and high-end website design

A beautiful looking website is great, but at Fermata, we know that the purpose of a website is to generate sales. Here at Fermata we don’t create our clients’ online presence as a electronic information location — we design them to be sales tools. We use compositional aspects that moves a users eye around the page in a meaningful manner. We use the latest in web design innovations, and graphics that are compelling, but not distracting. Add these elements with credible copy and, easy navigational elements, the sites we create, will all add up to profit and conversion for the companies we work with.

Responsive designs that is in harmony on any screen

Responsive design also plays a role in developing a website that generates leads. We know you want to give visitors to your site an optimal viewing experience. In todays standards, that means your website should work equally as well on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. In reality, close to half of your website’s views are probable coming from mobile devices. If your site doesn’t visually work when viewed on iOS or Android, then you’re likely to lose those visitors, and will loose any sales that you might have received from them. Without responsive design, you are abandoning your customers. Our team of designers at Fermata Creative understand the importance of responsive design. This is why we strive to build sites that look good on any platform so that our clients do not lose revenue because of poor website appeal.

Your brand

At Fermata Creative, we also know that building your business as a brand goes a long way in cultivating customer loyalty and positioning yourself as a leader in your industry. Your online presence should represent your companies brand as well as any of your sales and marketing materials. A poorly designed website with poor content will not reflect good on your brand and your company. It’s critical to have a updated website with eye-catching design, fast and easy navigation, clean graphics, with little to no clutter. When thinking about high-end website design these are the fundamental characteristics that attract visitors, and will keep users clicking through your website. Using this fundaments will ultimately translate into sales. Even the most respected mom and pop company can present themselves to be on the cutting edge of their industry with a well-designed website that promotes their brand.

Your site has to drive real, measurable results. There are many website designers and developers out there, but not all of them understand the connection between a high quality, well designed website and maximizing profit. High-end websites is our focus.

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