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High End Web Design in 6 Steps

When you hear a designer say “High End Web Design,” what comes to mind? Here at Fermata Creative we visualize something that has good use of white space, feature professional photos, uses up to-do-date typefaces, and has consistent imagery and wording across every page of the site. Above all, high end web design uses the “less is more” philosophy. If a high-end feeling site is what your looking for, then here’s a few things to remember.

1) High End Web Design Requires fewer colors.

Using a massive amount of colors makes a design busy and less focused. You want the users to be guided to a focal point on the page. Using lots of different colors will distract the user, and it will ultimately confuse them. Colors will depend on the type of client or industry or product you are designing for. Choose colors wisely. We recommend doing some research of the industry before the colors selected. Just that decision will impact the feeling of your site and will help make look high-end.

2) Focus on targeted content.

We recommend using less wording on your home page or landing pages. Don’t overwhelm the user with information right when they land on the page. It’s overwhelming and there’s no focus. Use targeted messaging that brings focus to your page. Instead of using paragraphs of words, try replacing text with larger images to focus the users into a visual that creates a feeling. Also, use simple headlines, sub headings descriptions or pull out quotes. If the design creates a feeling and guides the user is more likely to stay interested.

3) Professional selling tactics work.

High-end products usually do not need much selling. Utilizing clean simplified visuals that lets the user know that product comes with a higher price tag will help sell the user. If packaging, signage, advertisements, and website all match and is not screaming at the visitor with pop-up ads or “starburst” graphics this will help from creating what we call “brand blur”. Most of time higher priced services or products have a longer sales cycle. Usually, people will not visit a website, and take out their credit card, and spend their money without doing some research. As a general rule, the larger the purchase price, the greater the relationship that customer will need to have with that brand. This will help with High End Web Design.

4) Everything should be updated.

We recommend updating your products, information, and the copy across your whole site. High-end prospects will pay close attention to the detail such as, imagery, content of the website, and the voice of the brand. Keeping new content on your site also shows visitors that you’re current and your a legit company.

5) Create visual contrast, and a focal point.

High end web design is organized and utilizes contrast, by creating a focal point to draw your attention. For example this can be done by using complimentary colors. A complementary color is “When placed next to each other, they create the strongest contrast for those particular two colors”. This can be tricky though, be couscous of the brand. If you have a product, make your popular product the center of attention. Car companies are a good example for this.

6) Remember this.

Design is a tool used to convey the value that a person will receive from using your product or service. A high-end designer uses fundamentals to make your product the center of attention, and will not create unnecessary elements that distract from the product. Above all convey the value of the product, or service in a simple fashion. Create white space, or as we call it fermata it!