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Fermata Creative, Inc.  is a full service design and marketing agency located in Orange County, in the city of Lake Forest. Our emphasis is in high-end website design and interactive media. Together we help define your enterprise and position your brand to reflect your company’s value proposition.   We help you develop a customized, effective marketing strategy. Our goal is to build relationships with our clients like we build websites . . . on strong foundations, and targeting growth & longevity. We strive to deliver cutting edge design, impactful visual communication, and intelligent technology. Call us 949.900.3014


Here at Fermata Creative every action defines who you are. It’s difficult to be true to your brand, to command loyalty, if it isn’t well defined and clearly understood.   Great ideas can lead you to the promised land but flawless execution is required – that’s where we excel.  Our team works with your team to define your beliefs and values, and identify symbols of customers loyalty and lasting trust.


Design is the foundation of how your brand and enterprise are perceived by customers and prospects. The framework comes alive with great images and content to inspire a call to action.  Your community experiences and reacts. To be realistic is to be relevant. To be relevant is to be recognized. We provide that recognition with award winning multi-media design.


Your design is carefully crafted and tailored to the specific needs of your company.  A detailed strategy is created in harmony with your company’s goals and objectives. We develop your project for a successful outcome and to pave the road to new growth and opportunity. We Are Creative Professionals here at Fermata Creative.

The team you’ll be working with is just as diverse as our designs but also professionals with a combined 15+ years of experience in interactive design, development and marketing. We employ the most creative and professional people who are a pleasure to talk to and understand what you want. If you could categorize us, we’d be the team you rave about. We fight bad design and give clients the results they want instead of marketing jargon.

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Fermata Creative Services Video

Since 2002, there has alway been the ambition to start a business in the Creative Services. Walter Pouchot had this vision. He wanted to come up with a company that not only serves it’s community in Orange County, California with his talents in the visual arts, interactive media, and high end graphic design, but wanted to help businesses grow. With this in mind, we came up with the name Fermata.

High End Web Design in 6 Steps

When you hear a designer say “High End Web Design,” what comes to mind? Here at Fermata Creative we visualize something that has good use of white space, feature professional photos, uses up to-do-date typefaces, and has consistent imagery and wording across every page of the site. Above all, high end web design uses the […]

Fermata Creative, Inc Receives 2015 Best Businesses of Lake Forest Award

Lake Forest Award Program Honors the Achievement to Fermata Lake Forest, January 19, 2016 — Fermata Creative, Inc has been selected for the 2015 Best Businesses of Lake Forest Award in the Graphic Design category by the Best Businesses of Lake Forest Award Program. Each year, the Best Businesses of Lake Forest Award Program identifies […]

High-End Website Design With Harmony

If you would like your business to be competitive in today’s marketplace, it is necessary to have an visually attractive high-end website design. While some website companies take the top principles of good design and information when creating an online presence, the reality is that most business websites are not converting. The reason is, nine […]

What Is Design And What Can It Do?

Design is many things to many people. To some, it’s how good a product looks, to another, it’s how that product functions. We love design, it’s a lifestyle choice and more than just a job, it’s how we communicate. We’re here to tell you what design is and what design can do. Understanding What Design […]

Problems With iPad Magazines, Books And How To Fix Them

The iPad is a revolutionary device that has publishers and consumers excited about the future of content consumption. However, the full potential of magazines and eBooks are being squandered by the those who don’t understand the iPad. Publishers and programmers need to embrace the downsides and upsides of the creating content for the iPad. Optimize […]

The Future Of Web Design Is Here, Responsive, Mobile And Amazing

The Web has become more powerful thanks to development on mobile Apps. Developers have taken what they’ve learned and are applying them to websites they’ve created thus destroying the line that defines desktop from mobile designs. The future is here for the web, it is mobile, scalable and maximized. The mobile has been the biggest […]

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